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January 4, 2009

by Virginia Scott

Museum Happenings

Well, it is the beginning of another year, I truly hope this one is a little slower paced than the last one. We have had a good year and I hope to have the annual report ready by Feb 1.

We have the schedule for our art exhibits complete except for october/november. January / February is the annual Lipscomb County Student Art Show. We moved the show so that we don't conflict with the TACS testing schedule. WE will be hanging the art this week and this year's show promises to be as good if not better than years past. Stay tuned for further information on the exhibit and for the annual schedule.

Dorothy and Ann are in the south desiring warm weather and I don't think they are getting it ,if the weather map told me the truth today. We will miss these two until they return .

We will have a planning board meeting in January , I will announce the date next week. We have to start our process of reorganization of the Lipscomb County Historical Commission and the museum. Our goal will be to reactivate the various functions and goals of the commission for preservation and historical activities throughout the county. The museum is our 501(c) 3 component of the commission and operates separately . The same board governs both groups. If you are a member of the museum , you have noticed that the newsletter has both organizations in its title now. This is so we can report on both activities and also comply with the regulations required by the state historical commission.

If you have an interest in the history of the community you live in or just love history and you like to be on the ground floor of reactivating our commission , stay tuned for the planning meeting and join us in defining our vision, etc.


I haven't visited the Prairie Dog for quiet awhile so I thought starting the year with some of his wisdom would be appropriate and fun. On January 14,1965, Mr. Dixon wrote in his column reporting that the new county officials had been sworn in for their new tenures. He quoted Judge Tarbox as saying that the officers are sworn in and praised on the first day of the year and get cussed out for the next four years.

Getting sworn in that year were Sheriff Basil Duke, Jr.; County and District Clerk,Mrs. Lens Glasgow;Commissioners Ollie Scott, Pct 1 and George Travis , Pct 3. Basil Duke was appointed to finish the unexpired term of Bill Fitzgerald who was elected to the office of sheriff from 1960 to '63 but resigned one year before his term expired to work for an aviation company in Amarillo. Mr. Dixon reported that Duke had a number of good deputies in the county. Buck Frazier of Follett who spends most of his time in the office, the other is Pistol Pete of Higgins, better known as Earl Mead.

Interesting facts and nicknames for these deputies. We need to update our history facts for the sheriffs and deputies from 1965 to present. Don and Sandy are retiring this year, wonder if they would share some facts?

Have a good week and a wonderful 2009! Lets make interesting history.

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