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January 26, 2020

by Virginia Scott


A busy week in Lipscomb, the judging for this year's Student Art Show took place. The reception for the students will be Sunday, February 23 at 2pm.
We had a journalist visit Lipscomb for an article he is doing on the quietest places in Texas and people told him to come to Lipscomb. I had never thought of our town in this manner but I guess we are basically quiet except when the oil trucks come through. We had a nice visit with him and will let you know when his article will be published.

We had a full board at our meeting on Wednesday. Reports on various projects were given. We will be attempting to update the Cemetery Book this year but need to update each Cemetery registry first.

It was approved to continue with the 2019 goals. Discussion was held on possible programs for this year. If you have a topic that you would like to present as a program, please call us or if you know someone who has a good program, let us know.

The meeting ended with the election of Willis Smith as President and Pam Tyson as Secretary.


The following article for the Limelight of Jan 22, 1920 proves that one person can wear many hats:
"It will be up to the "slip and go swift" element to "sit up and take notice" that De. Goettsche was the individual appointed at the last commissioner's court to act in the capacity of Sheriff and Tax Collector owing to the resignation of A.B. Griffith. It goes without saying that Doctor will make a good one as he has the right kind of stuff in him and the push back of it. The good people can rest assured he will be right there on the job when it comes to the new duties of the office."

If you wonder why I print these stories verbatim it's because the phraseology used by the Skaggs is fun to read.

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