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June 12, 2016

by Virginia Scott


Some of you might have noticed that in some local papers my columns were different. Well, as usual, I was and am having computer problems and my usual computer was in the shop and I was using our archive computer and the email program is not the same as this computer and therefore different columns got sent to different papers. Sorry for the mixup and I will try to keep things running if the computer companies will quit updating and changing their programs and leave well enough alone. ( my soap box for the week).

We were notified Friday that the Lipscomb County Historical Commission has received a Distinguished Service Award for the eighth straight year. This award is given by the Texas Historical Commission is recognition of the organization well-rounded program of history- and preservation-related projects that fulfill DSA criteria. Also demonstrates the group's participation in a breadth of pursuits that help save the real places of Texas.

We are also beginning to have summer travelers going through our area, some are geocachers. These our people who use their GPS system to locate hidden caches throughout the United States. We have three hidden in Lipscomb to highlight our historical sites. The cachers log in their find and we receive an email with their comments. A cacher on Sunday log in the following:
"Another smiley; a cache find for Lipscomb County' and as a bonus, another arrow. Had fun seeking this one out Took me to a corner of the state that I had never been in before."
Mission accomplished. Both the projects, caches and arrows, are to promote our area and our history.

REMINDERS: THIS IS THE LAST MONTH ( 2 WEEKS) to view John Van Beekum's photos. These photos are all Lipscomb County people shown in their daily lives. Please plan to visit before the exhibit closes.
Pam Haines has two exhibits for June wedding, the first is in the entrance and is bridal dolls, the second is in the art room and is a beautiful display of Wedding dresses on full size mannequins. Ladies if you love fashion and weddings, this is a must see.

Bring your summer visitors to the museum for an afternoon of fun.


In his January 21, 1960 column "Jimmy Jams", Higgins News, Jimmy Foster made this observation: "Ada Lorenz has a sticker on the bumper of her car which reads "Women are Wonderful - Drivers". but the sticker doesn't say drivers of what. Of course, we'll admit that women are wonderful- and some them are truly wonderful drivers of autos. Then there are other women who drive men to distraction, and some drive men to drink; there are a few women who just drive men(period). but we like 'em; wouldn't want to get along without 'em- and we pray the Good Lord will bless every one of 'em."

Interesting observations and as a woman I will agree with them all. Have a good week.

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