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July 3, 2011

by Virginia Scott


I Apologize for not writing the column last week. I am not sure I will make it in the July 7th edition either. I am confused on printing for holiday schedules. Last week I was on jury summons and spent Monday morning doing my civic duty. It is always interesting and I have always wanted to serve on a jury but never have made it and didn't this time either. There wasn't enough of us that qualified to make a legal pool so a mistrial was called. Any way , by the time I arrived at the museum I wasn't in the mood to send in a column.

We had a great turnout for the reception for the Akers family. Pam Tyson, Sharon Hammond, Missy Tyson, and Monte Akers were all present to visit with all who attended the event. We sold out of all of Monte books. I am ordering more and will announced their arrival in this column. Thanks to all of you that attended , we appreciate your support of our events and for your appreciation of our local talent.

On Wednesday, we spent the day setting up Camille Harrelson's quilts and paintings. They are very inspiring and you will enjoy viewing them. There will not be a reception for Camille at her request but we are hosting a donation tea on July 30th.

The donation tea will feature Delores Cross who will present her clothing program entitled "Grandmother's Legacy" . The tea will be from 2 pm till 4 pm with Delores presentation at 3 pm. We request that you call the museum and tell us you will be attending so that we can ensure enough tea and space. RSVP to 852-2123 from 10 am to 4 pm monday thru friday.


On July 4, 1845, the convention to consider the joint resolution of the United States Congress proposing the annexation of the Republic of Texas to the United States assembled in Austin. Thomas Jefferson Rusk was elected president of the convention, and James H. Raymond was secretary. By a vote of fifty-five to one, the delegates approved the offer of annexation. Richard Bache of Galveston was the lone dissenter. Of the fifty-seven delegates elected to the convention, eighteen were originally from Tennessee, eight from Virginia, seven from Georgia, six from Kentucky, and five from North Carolina. Considered the most able body of its kind ever to meet in Texas, the convention included men of broad political experience such as Thomas, J. Rusk, James Pinckney Henderson, Isaac Van Zandt, Hardin R. runnels, Abner S. Lipscomb, Nicholas H. Darnell, R. E. B. Baylor, and Jose Antonio Navarro. The convention prepared the Constitution of 1845 for the new state. The convention adjourned on August 28, 1845. Enjoy this week of historical importance to our state and our country.

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