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October 19, 2014

by Virginia Scott


Lipscomb population again exploded Saturday night when we hosted our annual fundraiser at the Lipscomb Schoolhouse. It was well attended, the food by Alexander's was delicious. The ice cream provided by Schwann made the cobbler wonderful. Anna Lee Barton presented Verle Woods an emeritus membership to the Lipscomb County Historical Commission Board. The entertainment by R.J. Vandygriff kept us all laughing and his tribute to Jim Bussard had us all crying. Thanks, R.J. for a great evening. Following his entertainment, we had a live auction by James McGinley, Higgins. His auctioneering was entertaining and made people bid more than they intended and was appreciated by the museum. We also had a silent auction and it was actively visited prior to the dinner. The evening was quite successful and enjoyed by all who attended. We thank everyone who attended or contributed items to the auction. A special thanks to Judy Ward and Anna Lee Barton who organized this year's event.

Prior to the dinner, the museum was open for visitors and many stopped by to visit the new area for the first time and as always there was some locals who had never been to the museum and were quite pleased with their county museum and promised to return. Jan and Ed Wiley came by with paintings for our research room. The room is dedicated to Jan's mother, Marquerite Schultz. Everyone was pleased with our progress in the new exhibit hall and the men especially enjoyed the cars and tractor.

At this time of year, we start planning for next year. If you are a painter, photographer, collector, author, poet, candlestick maker, etc. and want to have a show please call us. One thing we want to have is a quilt show, so you quilters start looking through your collection and pick your quilt in readiness for our schedule in January.


This week's musing is a poem reprinted in the Kiowa Valley Independent in Jan. 1963:

    PLEASE PASS THE SALT by Betty Billipp

      "No child of mine," I used to cry.
      Before the stork had fluttered by.
      "Will ever throw a temper fit or bite or scratch or whine or hit.
      Or keep his bottle til he's 3
      Or worship cowboys on TV.
      Or dawdle so he makes me late.
      Or leave his carrots on his plate.
      Or act in short, like other kids.
      Who make their parents flip their lids.
      "Heavens No!"
      But along with the patter of little feet
      Go a couple of million words to eat.

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