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September 7, 2014

by Virginia Scott


Well, summer is almost over and we have had a good summer crowd visiting the museum. Many visitors on vacation and enjoying the adventure that comes with getting off the main highways. We have had several geocachers that have been especially pleased with our caches that reveal wonderful hilltop views. (If you have forgotten what a geocacher is,
it is a person who uses their GPS to find a set of coordinates that reveals a cache with a log book and a small treat). We have several throughout the Lipscomb area. A great way to add something extra to your trip.

We are preparing for this weekends treat of the Garden Tour. Please plan to join us at 2pm at Doris Akers home to see her wonderful garden and then to Kathryn Paul's garden. Look for our posters at your post office for directions or call the museum. Both live south of Follett on FM 1454. Refreshments will be provided at the museum following the tour.

We need volunteers to assist us move items from the school to our new addition. If you can volunteer please call us your name and what time you would be available, also if you have a pickup. After we have our corp of volunteers we will plan a move date.

I hope you read my reminders last week but in case you didn't I will list two of them again:

  1. We need to identify the largest tree in the county.

  2. Oct. 18 - Our annual fundraiser with R.J. Vandergriff as entertainment. Tickets are $25 each and We need auction items.


On Jan 1, 1961, Sheriff E.J. Tarbox retired after 22 years in law enforcement. 16 years as sheriff and 6 years as deputy. During his tenure, he assisted with the capture of many infamous criminals. He was part of the Sheriff posse that captured Pete Trexler ( nickname the Clyde Barrow of the Panhandle), The Henry V. Louder murder in 1951, and the $20,000 dollar robbery of the Follett National Bank on March 4, 1957.

In his retirement newspaper article, he gave an interesting observation of the Higgins Tornado. " You may recall that Higgins got national publicity as a result of this catastrophe. Many people came to Higgins to get jobs in the reconstruction of the town. People who can be called riff raff also came. Their object was robbery and looting among the ruins. When that wasn't possible, they stalled around and gave us trouble by stealing carpenter's tools and the like. Many other people came as spectators and got in the way of the workers. Our police force kept everone moving along until we got the situation under control."

He also complemented the support his department received from the citizens of the county: "After the arrests are made, your juries assess the verdict of guilty or not guilty, and name the number of years the person will have to serve in prison. We have fewer murders, rapes and robberies if these guilty persons are punished.
We must have good men on our grand juries and juries if we are to have crime free counties. In Lipscomb County we have had the help of good men."

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