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April 2, 2017

by Virginia Scott

Another good week at the museum, a group of our volunteers attended the genealogy workshop sponsored by the local DAR chapter in Perryton. We are planning to start a genealogy group here at the museum for anyone interested in researching their families. This workshop should give us the information for us to start the group. Stay tuned for further details.

Our meeting room has been helpful during this period of hay delivery. It has enabled our county to hold their meetings with the visitors and ranchers and also a place they could meet and eat. We are glad our room is being used as we intended it to be a community room as well as a room for our programs.

I will be traveling to Lubbock for the annual meeting of the West Texas Historical Society. It should be a good meeting with new historical research and networking with the regional historians and museums.


When you think our bureaucracy is getting bad with its paper work, etc. think of this story from 1917: There is a rule in the National Guard that physical evidence must be given of every article broken, lost or destroyed. If a belt buckle breaks the belt, minus the buckle, must be produced before the loss can be recorded on the books.
So with Genevieve, the army mule, Definite visible evidence of her ultimate death must be displayed before the bookkeeping and accounts departments were permitted to write her obituary. After long consultations of important officers instructions were forwarded to Camp Whitman, in accordance with which a package arrived at headquarters, which was found to contain the following items, to wit, one fuzzy ear extra long, suitable for use on the right side of a mule's head and one similar ear, for use of the left side of a mule's head.
Genevieve's death was immediately recorded on the books.

Have a good week.

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