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September 13, 2020

by Virginia Scott


The museum remains quiet but we are still busy with phone calls and working on our collections. We had a board meeting on Wednesday, Sept 16 and I will report on the meeting next week since I write the column on Monday or Tuesday each week.

Since the coronavirus is still very active most of the state and national museum organization are holding zoom meetings. We are learning how to join and are participating in several to keep abreast of the latest trends.

We have all the precautions in place, if you want to visit and have a day out. Our current art exhibit is our past artists and will be rotating our collections until it is safe to have a new exhibit for a local artist.


Many of you may remember the Lipscomb Cafe that was started in the back of the Turner Grocery Store which was original the Bank of Lipscomb. Gene and Bobby Purcell ran the business in the late 70s. they had groceries in the front and home cooking in the back. The groceries were soon gone and replaced with more tables. This was the beginning of the "Table of Knowledge." As I understand it the table was reserved for the local men who met every day for coffee and local gossip and news. Kate Webb and Kellie Koch with her mother Nina were the cooks.
Kellie now has her food truck again and is serving that wonderful coconut pie as well as other delicious items. It is great to have a place again.
Stay safe.

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