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September 23, 2012

by Virginia Scott


It seems that every time Peg and Lovella think they have completed their inventory, they find more pictures, paintings, and photographs in our displays. One is the very large photograph with have in the military case of the WWII bomber that so many of our local veterans flew on. It was behind some of the uniforms on display. We are rearranging the case so it shows up better and can be enjoyed. Stay tuned to see what else they uncover.

Ann is still working on the collection of books and organizing them in the archive room. She, too, is discovering items we have not examined in awhile. We are very lucky with the many treasures we have been given. We all know our history is rich and now we can prove it.

Dorothy has completed our first application for a subject marker from THC. They have changed the process and it now takes many steps to obtain the marker. This is step one and she has received word that the application has been accepted for review. It will now be submitted to the review committee for approval.

We have received memorials and donations for the building fund so slowly but surely it is growing. We are seeking grants to complete the amount needed.

Next board meeting will be October 2, 2012. It is time for reappointments to board by the county commissioners who must submitted the panel to the Texas Historical Commission. The state law requires each county to have a historical commission but only about half have active ones. We are lucky and thank each member for serving. If you are interested in serving, call the county judge office and submit your name.


Continuing with the story of Dr. Newman. The first place he practiced was in the town of Grand in Day County (I believe this is in Oklahoma). E.G. Rader and Sam Cupp owned the first general stores. Day County at the time Dr. Newman was there was a large county, and Grand served as his headquarters. Dr. Newman was not making enough money to pay his board bill and considered moving to Arkansas where he would be guaranteed a salary. When he discussed it with Mr. Walch, he told him not to worry about his bill, it was worth it just to have him in the community. He decided to stay.

He married Della smith and about the same time, he decided that he needed more medical schooling. There were a number of new diseases showing up and he knew that he needed more information in order to cope with them. He wanted to go back to Ohio to a medical school, but again he had no money. Friends in and around Grand raised enough money for him to go back to Ohio to get the schooling.

When he returned the times were changing and Dr. Newman and a young Dr. George W. Wallace from across the Canadian River formed a partnership and decided that Shattuck would be a good location for a hospital. They built the Northwest Sanitarium on a hill in the northeast part of Shattuck. Newman moved to Shattuck and set up his office in the Sears Building. He eventually bought the building and practiced in Shattuck for twenty years.

The Sanitarium became Newman Memorial Hospital and still provides healthcare for the region today.

The source of this Dr. Newman history is from the "Prairie Dog" columns from the Higgins News. The prairie dog was Jewell LaGeal Dixon of Higgins

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