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October 16, 2016

by Virginia Scott


A busy week. We are busy planning for our fundraiser this SATURDAY with gathering auction items and selling tickets. If you haven't got your tickets call the museum for reservations (806-852-2123). If you have auction items, bring them by or call us.

The museum will be open Saturday from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm if you want to visit prior to the fundraiser at the Lipscomb School.

The fundraiser promises to be entertaining and as always great Bar-B-Que from Alexander's. I hope you will join us.

I traveled to Wheeler on Friday for the Third Annual West Texas Trails Meeting. It was very informative and interesting. Lectures on the different cattle trails and work being done by lay historians on mapping the trails today. Demonstrations of the use of drones and other technologies. We need to explore Lipscomb County for signs and if you know of some old trails, please document them for future researchers. Many of the cattle drives to Dodge City came through Lipscomb County. We also had an update on the search for Marker Trees in Texas. These were trees that were bent to mark crossings or to let people (especially Indians) behind them know that they had passed this way safely.

Several of the presenters have published books on their topics if interested call me.


Frank Ewing was a favorite subject for Jewell LaGeal Dixon in his column the "the Prairie Dog." Frank furnished him with plenty of material for his columns with his many adventures and behaviors. The following is one of Mr. Dixon's favorites :
At a farm auction, a horse came up for sale. Several men had asked the owner the age of the horse and he told them and Frank overheard it, but he never let on that he heard what was being said. After Frank bought the horse, one of the men who had been interested in the horse asked Frank if he knew how old that horse was. Frank said no, but he could look in the horse's mouth and tell. Well, the man said that he didn't believe that Frank could do it. So, Ewing looked in the horse's mouth and promptly announced that he was twenty-six years old the 12th of June. These men were shocked that Frank could look in an old horse's mouth and tell exactly how old he was. Frank never told anyone how he told the horse's age. Frank enjoyed pulling a good joke on those two men. (Prairie Dog column, October 21, 1965).

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