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May 27, 2012

by Virginia Scott


Last Tuesday evening, the museum hosted the Wolf Creek Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). The chapter is headquartered in Perryton but occasionally met in other places as part of their educational programs. We had approximately 20 in attendance and Dorothy and I presented the program which included a history of five generations of Dorothy's family, the Haines and Walkers and I gave them the history of the museum. Gailan Winegarner catered the meeting which was enjoyed by all. This was the first visit to the museum and to Lipscomb by most of the members.

This is so true of many residents in our four county area so I invite everyone this summer to explore our area. We have day trip maps available that take you in a circle from Borger to Pampa to Perryton and home in four to five different routes and identify all the historical and current places of interest. We have a lot of history in our area.

We look forward to summer visitors,local and afar.


I am writing the column as usual on Monday. However, Monday was Memorial Day. Over the years, Memorial Day has taken on different meanings to me. As a child and young adult, I joined my Mother and Father in visiting my ancestors graves and placing flowers on their graves. As an older adult after serving in the Navy Nurses Corp, I took time to observe our military veterans as well as my loved ones. During the Vietnam era, I had honored our servicemen as I cared for them as their nurse and tried to answer their questions about the public riots and protests "Why do they hate us? We are only doing what they have asked us to do?" I had no good answer except that there were people who did support us.
Sunday, I watched the National Celebration Program on PBS and was moved by the Patriotic tribute that was evident and the promise that the military would always be treated with honor. Today, I still visit our family graves but now my parents graves are among the ones I place flowers on. I also visit our local cemetery and visit the military graves and thank them for their service and sacrifice for us.
The museum has a special military exhibit that gives you the history of Lipscomb County Veterans and the story of those who gave their lives for us. I always open on Monday, Memorial Day so if you want to come and visit this exhibit, its available. I hope each of you spent some time this week honoring your ancestors and our military. Without the hard work and sacrifices of these people, we would not enjoy our great life today. I Thank every veteran and their family for serving our country and hope you took time to honor yourself on Monday. Memorial Day IS a special day for remembering.

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