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August 8, 2010

by Virginia Scott


If you came to the museum on Wednesday, you had a great visit with Susan Shumaker and the three museum in our north east corner, River Valley's Sharon Wright, Canadian visited during lunch while the Museum of the Plains, Brandi Wright and two of her board members, Perryton joined the Core Team at lunch at the West of the Line in Higgins. We were joined by Charles and Joy Shaw, Vici,OK. Charles had a lot of wonderful photos of his family during the Dust Bowl. Scott Brosowske and James Coverdale were also on hand for a day full of discussion on the 1930's. At the end of the day Susan and her assistant Josh left with over a 100 scanned photos and we enjoyed the day.

One interesting fact concerning the day was discovered when Susan informed us that one of the family being interviewed and featured in the upcoming program was the Lewis family from Gate, OK area. Lovella brought to Susan attention and mine that I had attended the Lewis auction in Gate several weeks ago and had some of their family correspondence during that time period. I went home and brought some of the family clothing and papers. We found a letter and the farm account book along with a dress that Susan knew the son who is ninety would be interested in. Another example of how small our world is. It also convinced me to keep on going to auctions.

We will be meeting this week to get our building project moving. We will be starting the project to set the budget which we need to seek grants for the final funds. Stay tuned for updates.

The summer is almost over with schools starting in the next 2-3 weeks. The August third Saturday is the 21st and we will host Elaine Littau, Warren McClenagan who will be signing their books and Sam Sidders will be here for his Art Exhibit which has been on display since July 1. It promises to be a good evening.

Georgia and I will be in Plainview next week for the second annual Regional Roundup for the Texas Plains Trail. This annual event is for the top 52 counties museum, chambers of commerce, travel representations, county reps, etc to meet and exchange ideas on tourism, preservation, and economic development. There will not be a column. So I will report to you in two weeks. Enjoy.

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